Steve Healey is a long time resident of New Jersey who now lives in Arizona. After spending time in a number of unusual spots in America, Asia and Africa courtesy of Uncle Sam, Steve was bitten by the travel bug and continued to travel quite extensively throughout his career.

“The Army sent me to Georgia for a year. Viet Nam was a relief after that.” – SGH

After doing tours of duty in the record and audio businesses, Steve eventually ended up representing Atari computer products in the newly emerging pc business. He spent 35 years in sales, marketing and management – much of the time traveling on a global level – in the personal computer industry.

“I traveled for a living. I just had to sell other peoples’ crap to support the habit.” – SGH

Those travels have given him a rather unique outlook on some of the more absurd sides of life.

“I woke up in bed one morning in Ethiopia and the water buffalo outside the window was much more attractive than the person I was in bed with. That was a very eye-opening experience.” – SGH

His “scratching my head” interpretations of some peoples’ ways of handling everyday tasks tend to leave his audience wondering how half the people in the world survive on a day to day basis.

“My favorite saying is by the author Robert Heinlein – ‘One man’s theology is another man’s belly laugh.’” – SGH

Steve’s “take no prisoners attitude” is shown in his sometimes offbeat, but generally on target butchering of every sacred cow he decides to “analyze.” Many of Steve’s works are from the heart: personal views on life, love, growing up and interactions between people. Whether it is about politics, religion, suffering from Manopause or exploring the String Theory of Physics in Las Vegas in alternate universes, the reader will be entertained by his stories, thoughts and insights. Steve is hoping to help people understand and enjoy the absurdities of their own world. “Yeah. Right.” – SGH

“I draw my spiritual inspiration from my two favorite patron saints – Saint Dennis and Saint Donald. Dennis Leary and Don Rickles.” – SGH

If you like what you read, tell your friends. If not, it’s your own fault.

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