Life’s Quilt

“Make my life a rainbow. Paint it every day. Make my heart forever sing. Do it right away.”

– “Rainbow,” John Lodge

Many colors make up Life’s Quilt – many we add, many just “turning out that way.” The way Life’s Quilt is woven and the colors used makes all the difference in the pattern when it’s finally finished.

Green, the color of Caring, if not shown correctly, is a color that may never be recognized. It is a color that must be chosen very carefully when adding it into your Life’s Quilt. It is a color that may be thrust upon a receiver if the giver is willing to take that chance. Too often, the giver does not want to be embarrassed, spurned, humiliated by rejection and the Quilt changes the color from green to the yellow of caution and fear. What is normally a thick skin can be pricked so easily with the merest of barbs. And so many times the giver retreats, dreaming of victories never realized, defeats that perhaps could have been avoided with the slightest word or gesture. And the blue of sadness takes control of that portion of the Quilt which takes on a pattern over which we, for the most part, never have control again.

We look back on those events, sometimes dwelling, sometimes just chalking it up to opaque grayness of “Fate.” Rarely, do we get the chance to revisit those opportunities. The white of hope reappears when we do and is still as frightening as it was the first time we picked that yarn to add to the Quilt. Very easily the same yellow fears are uncovered, the same tendencies to not want to expose ourselves. “At this point, why bother? The Quilt has played out,” becomes our inward thoughts, maybe our internal scream. And ultimately, the blue sadness once again returns. We’ve seen the patterns emerge and know that we can’t change what the design has become without destroying what had made the patterns to begin with. You can pick at the edges, cut a hanging thread, put a reinforcing seam around the border, but can never really change what has been woven into the Quilt without totally dismantling it.

Sometimes the color is red, showing an insistence on life being lived “hot”, getting the most from it, setting and accomplishing your goals, living it to the fullest. And other times the color is black – looking at a void, despair, backed up to the edge of a cliff. But no two colors can set the whole tone for your life. The blue of sadness, the yellow of fear, the green of caring, purple of rage, the white of innocence – life is a rainbow of all these colors which intertwine to make the patterns of the Quilt.

Pink, the color of love, is one of the most powerful colors in Life’s Quilt. It is the color of a pattern that can run from one end of the quilt to the other. It can destroy the complacency of a comfortable pattern we are used to producing or it can add a whole new design to what otherwise was a pattern that we thought was set. The pink of love is unpredictable and many times its shade can vary between the red and black, the purple and yellow and green, the white of Life’s Quilt.

There is no going back. Once the Quilt has been woven, the best we can hope to do is to wrap it around ourselves to keep our Life warm and examine it closely to see if there are indeed other patterns woven in that we just never really noticed before. When we do find those unintended patterns and enjoy them for what they are, it brings us much happiness to know that our Life’s Quilt contains all the colors we need to make our lives complete.

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